Sunday, May 23, 2010

The most boringest long weekend ever!

Cam is on a temporary new shift at work which is 6am-6pm, 6 days a week. We're actually grateful for this because it'll produce some nice paychecks, and this big job should last right up until we leave for New Brunswick. It'll really reduce the stress for Cam of missing work for a week.
Anyway, he had to work this whole weekend, even today (Sunday). Not helping matters, we got a hefty 10cm of snow on Friday, which has chosen to linger and make us even more bored cuz we have to stay indoors. Thankfully, Jeff picked up the girls and took them to the new Shrek movie, while I've been sitting here watching movies online....and sweet Carson is sleeping.
Tomorrow is Victoria Day, and since Cam has the day off, we have a day of quadding planned with Jeff and his girls. We want to make the most of his day off! All this recent snow will make for much mud, I'm sure!

Leah's dance recital is next weekend. They're dancing to "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid. Her outfit is soo cute, I'll be sure to post a pic. There will be a pro taking photos next week at the rehearsal, I'll see how pricey that is. Cam said I just have to take my own pic :)

Carson has just changed into a little man. I can't help but always smile at everything he's doing, even when it's trouble. He's such a charmer. Here's some of his vocabulary: Leah, Kelsey, puppy, cup, bubba(bottle), please, thank-you, cat, meow, and many more small things. Just very recently he's starting to (try) to repeat almost anything we say. Except animal sounds(well, he does cat and dog). He just won't do it. Maybe it's beneath him. He likes to sweep and mop, and clean the toilets. And he loves to brush his teeth, by himself.

I can't believe Kelsey's almost done Kindergarten! Her grad is June 3rd. She is excelling at reading. I'm so proud of her. The other day I found her sitting on her bed reading a random book she had picked off her shelf. She just turned 6, and Leah just turned 4. Apparently 4 years olds (this one, anyway) start their sentences with "Didn't you know...____??" But it sounds like din't-cha know? Mom, din't cha know I like spaghetti with butter and parmesan on it? That kind of thing.

Carson is waking up... I'm so glad I don't have to make supper tonight. My student from Japan, Yuka, is making something that has egg, cabbage, shrimp, oil and powder. haha I think she means flour? I guess we'll see.

I signed up for cable since they were offering a great 12 month promotion. Unfortunately it doesn't get hooked up until Wednesday. The Lost series finale is tonight!! Oh well..we'll just watch that online too.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My 3 little munchkins are counting down the days! Well, not Carson, he doesn't really care. But the tree is pretty cool to pick decorations off of. He just had his first birthday 2 weeks ago. We had some family over for cake. Carson was not interested in his presents at all so Leah got to open them all. Teeth #4,5 +6 are coming through which has made for a fairly miserable week for him.

Last week we all caught a GI bug, starting with me. I am on a mission to inform the world that a "flu" is not puking/diarrhea, that is a gastro intestinal issue. "Influenza" is to do with your respiratory system-- coughing, fever, sore throat, similar to a cold. It's actually my pharmacist's mission, but I am happy to help her out. :) Anyway, I digress. We were all sick. It was awful. We all got it within one day of each other. My parents too, and friends, and brothers and SIL's too. I am thankful that it's over before Christmas, and Cam is thankful that he lost 7lbs.

We had our first get together with Cam's family last weekend. I happily introduced Dutch Blitz to my niece Alysha. None of them had ever even heard of it. Wierd. Christmas Eve will be at my parents place and we're having homemade pizza this year. Weather permitting we will also go tobogganing. Christmas Day is at Margo & Danny's--might also try to slip in some ice fishing once Cam opens up his present :) Boxing Day is my 30th birthday! Warren arrives that day too.

Leah has announced to Cam and I what we're getting for Christmas this year. haha We knew we shouldn't trust her with that kind of info. I'm getting a ring, which isn't actually a surprise. I have been begging for one ever since I lost my wedding band. Cam tricks her into it--he told her that if he got ice fishing gear for Christmas he would take her out on the lake--she started jumping up and down cheering! This all stresses Kelsey out. She tries so hard to cover it up, but to no avail.

I finished the Twilight series- I loved it. Also read "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks, it was good. I think I'll read more of his books. Currently I am reading "Monster" by Frank Peretti.
In 3 weeks I'm finally on chapter 3. It's very intense, which I like, but I'm having trouble getting into it. Any book suggestions would be welcomed.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We're finally all healthy around here. It was a full week of fevers and coughs, all three kids at the same time, and I had a milder case of it along with them. Cam was quite helpful through it, and he never even caught it. I'm wondering if it was H1N1, the whole town seems to have it. Hopefully it's done and over with now.
We cut our cable service recently. I'm really enjoying it actually, the kids and I are being much more crafty (literally), and I'm reading more. We also watch a lot of movies :)
Winter is definitely here, we've had a lot of snow the past few days. I welcome winter this year, I want to get a lot of scrapbooking done.
Carson just dropped down to one nap, much to my chagrin. He is totally miserable around suppertime but the only thing that makes it worthwhile is that he has begun sleeping through the night! I hate writing that to jinx myself. I wrote about it in my journal last night, and of course he was up at least 7 times. But I don't care, I'm gonna mention it here too. He has been sleeping a good 12 hrs at a time. I really notice how much more rested I feel.
New Moon comes out in theatres this week!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Battle of the bulge

I'm sitting in bed blogging, with 2 sick children, and not feeling so great myself. I had a horrible night last night! Mistake #1, I stayed up reading "Eclipse" until 1:30am. Actually, I finished it. It was intense enough that I was not feeling drowsy. I hate to admit how much I love this Twilight series. I don't want to join the millions of teenage girls all bubbling about this vampire love story, but I can't help it! I'm hooked. It makes me feel a bit better knowing quite a few "ladies", and even some men that enjoy it too :) Of course, Carson and Leah were intermittently getting up through the night, needing Advil and back rubs. By 3am I think I started to drift off. At 5:56 I was woke abruptly by Carson crying, and then I had insomnia again, so I never did get back to sleep.

Cam and I had a wonderful time in San Diego for my shareholders conference. The week consisted of one 3hr shareholders meeting, and the rest was just pure fun. All the meals were provided, the food was amazing! The wine flowed freely. Our highlights were doing a bike tour on Coronado Island, eating at Candela's there, touring the USS Midway, going to Balboa Park and the zoo. Yes, we did all the touristy things. It was so fun to get away, just the 2 of us. I got to meet up with my cousin Heidi and her boys at the zoo for a bit. It was nice to catch up. Another highlight was staying at the Fairmont in Vancouver on our way home. It happened to be Thanksgiving Sunday, so we ate at the restaurant there and indulged in the Thanksgiving special. It was $55/plate for a turkey dinner! (I'm getting reimbursed from my store). It was delicious...definitely not worth $55 but that made it so much more fun. Oh, and as we're sitting there, at the table next to us is 3 other girls from FSJ. Kinda wierd.

Now I'm going to vent for a minute. I'm really battling with the "last 10 lbs" this time. I'm annoyed with myself. Both times when I quit nursing my girls, I gained 7lbs over a period of a few months. I hated this, but I just cured it by getting pregnant again, and eventually the flabby gut would turn into a hard basketball, and I felt much better. This time, I am on the same track. I weaned Carson in July and I'm gradually gaining weight. My jelly belly is very embarrassing. I do not want to ever be pregnant again, so now I've got to work hard to fix this! I have no willpower when it comes to good food. When I say "good" I mean tasty, as in burgers and fries. And I eat more than necessary. So my goal is to work on portion control, and exercise. I'll try to get on my elliptical trainer more consistently. I think I need to snack more too. For me, if I get too hungry, I really crave greasy food. So a healthy snack between meals is what I'll try. Overall I'd say I eat pretty healthy, but Cam and I definitely give in to our cravings too often. And no more going on holidays with free food and wine. Not good for the body!

Better late than never, I've posted Carson's 10 month picture. He is walking well now. Just about impossible to get him to lay on his blanket, which is why my leg is holding him down! Such a fun little guy.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

From the mouths of babes...

Leah has been saying some funny things lately. I'm going to post as much as I can remember.

*In Walmart, she was standing in the cart, wiggling and giggling, when she said "God is tickling me!"

*Reminiscing about when she had sore/bleeding gums with canker sores, she said, "I don't have Deuteromonies on them anymore". (I meant to spell it that way, she mixes up the m and n). She had these sores while Kelsey was learning a memory verse from Deuteronomy. Somehow she associates this with her sore mouth.

*Yesterday as I was putting her ballet shoes on before her dance class, she whispered to herself "I'm going to be famous."

*Leah to Cam- "Daddy, when you went to work, you turned the toaster onto burn, and you didn't turn it back. When I made toast (now her eyebrows got really angry), they got BURNTED!" Cam started to laugh, which really hurt her, and she ran down the hall with a quivering lip on the verge of tears.

There's so much more, of course i just can't remember...
Carson is walking! He took his first steps last week at 9.5 months. He can't stand up on his own, so he always needs to pull himself up onto something first, so he's still got some learning to do. :)

Kelsey loves kindergarten! This is an answer to prayer for sure.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I took his 9 month pictures at bedtime, and he sure thought something was funny. No chance of him sitting still on the blanket either. What a sweetie.

A ballerina and.. girl with attitude.Posted by Picasa
Hiking in the Beatton hills.
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Beautiful Kelsey
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Leah's first day of preschool. I'm distracted by that clip in her hair, but she couldn't imagine going to school that day without it :) She also dressed herself, so I didn't bother telling her that her shoes were on the wrong feet.
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My lovely family.
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Cam and a ghostly Jeff working hard.
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Leah with her favourite person.
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Who needs sleep? Well you're never gonna get it...

Those are lyrics to a song by one of my favourite bands- the Barenaked Ladies. And it's also the theme of my life. The last week reminds me of Carson's first week of life, he can barely go 2hrs without crying in the night. Often every 45 min. I'm slowly going crazy, and I'm getting better at just ignoring it, because at this point there's nothing else to do. So while I'm still waking up several times, at least I'm not getting up several times. It's not a blood curdling scream, just a sleepy wail. Actually the last 2 nights were a tiny bit better. I'm trying to look at it from a positive perspective. Some people have ALL there babies do this. Thankfully, this is my first experience. He's very happy in the day, especially since he's cruising. He quietly makes his way around the house exploring. The bathroom is definitely one of his favourite spots as of late. Loves pulling the toilet paper and playing in the water. Trying to teach the girls to keep the door shut.

No renters downstairs yet. Cam and I were seriously considering selling the house last week, and we were actually excited about downsizing. I called the bank because I knew there would be a fee for getting out of our 5 yr mortgage too soon. Turns out the penalty is $26, 675. Ridiculous, almost humorous! No thanks. We'll stay here. I'm enjoying the freedom of the house to ourselves for the moment, too. We're just budgeting more carefully, at least until January when we should have some students!

Kelsey starts Kindergarten in 2 days. Is that word German? What does it even mean? It just looks so silly now that I'm staring at it and repeating it in my head. She'll be all decked out in her Disney princess backpack along with all the princess accessories.
Leah is in preschool 1 day/week, and also ballet/tap lessons 1/week. Kelsey is expressing a lot of interest in gymnastics. I might register her in the next session after Christmas.

I'll add some pictures to show what else we've been up to. I want to get to bed and continue reading "Twilight". I'm hooked.